School Supply List 2017-2018

Whitesboro Middle School 2017-2018

6th Grade Supply List

1 Box of Tissues(Girls)

1 Roll of Paper Towels(Boys)

Ear buds to be used with Chrome books (must be small enough to fit into pencil pouch)

1 3" Ring Zipper Binder

1 set of Avery Big Tab Two Pocket Insertable plastic dividers 5 tabs

1 2 pocket pencil pouch 3 holes, vinyl or canvas

3 Mead 2 pocket & prong folder Five Star (1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue)

3 dozen #2 economy woodcase pencils or mechanicla pencils with lead

1 pkg of 12 erasable colored pencils

3 pkg 3 hole punch white- wide rule notebook paper

1 small pkg 8 x 10 ½ in. graph paper quad ruled 4 squares per inch 3 hole punch

1 Twist-n-Sharp pencil sharpener (relpace as needed)

3 Red grading pens 

4 composition notebooks

2 Highlighters any color

2 pkgs pencil top erasers

2 large pink erasers

Backpacks can be used to transport supplies back and forth to school but they WILL NOT be transported to and from classes.


7th Grade Supply List

Map Pencils


#2 Pencils

Black or Blue Pens

Red Pens

Notebook Paper- replenish as needed

Zipper Bag for supplies

1- Kleenex box

1- Paper towels


Ear buds or Headphones- Not Optional

Math Supplies

1 1/2" 3 ring binder

1 pkg dividers with pockets/ 5 tabs

Composition notebook

English Supplies

1" 3 ring binder

1 pkg dividers with pockets/ 5 tabs

Composition notebook

Reading Supplies

Plastic folder with brads and pockets

1 pkg dividers with pockets / 5 tabs

Texas History Supplies

Plastic Folder with brads and pockets

Composition notebook

Science Supplies (Leebetter's Classroom ONLY)

4- plastic folders with brads and pockets


8th Grade Supply List

Wide ruled Notebook Paper

#2 Pencils

Blue, Black, and Red Pens

6- Folders with Pockets and Brads

Map Pencils for Science

3- 100 page compostions notebooks for math, science, and history

2- Large Glue Sticks for Science

1 - 4oz Glue Bottle for Math

1 pkg of Index Cards for Math

3 Large Boxes of Kleenexes


Hallway locker will be optional in 8th grade this year. If you want a locker you will have to provide your own lock!