G.R.I.T. Program at WMS
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016
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G.R.I.T. Program at WMS

District wide, WISD has created a character development initiative to promote positive traits among students called G.R.I.T.   It is intended to promote the qualities of setting Goals, building positive Relationships, having Integrity, and showing Tenacity.

Each campus has been inspired to implement this initiative with their students in the most effective manner for their grade levels.  The middle school has adopted the Congressional Medal of Honor Character Development Program that focuses on promoting courage, integrity, self-sacrifice, commitment, citizenship, and patriotism.  The program, developed by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, is a series of video lessons focusing on the first-hand accounts of Medal of Honor recipients and the events leading to them receiving the medal.  This inspirational series challenges students to develop lifelong character traits that each of us already has within us.

Each month for the rest of the school year we will be focusing on one of the G.R.I.T. and Medal of Honor traits.  January is setting goals and learning how to be committed to those goals, despite adversity.  February is about establishing healthy relationships and self-sacrifice.  March will focus on building individual integrity.  April is tenacity which will circle back to commitment and having the courage to stick to established goals.  We will polish things off in May with a celebration focusing on patriotism, which in a culture of self-centeredness, is becoming a lost character trait among young people.

To promote and inspire our students to develop and display these traits, teachers will be honoring students with Bearcat Paws when they see students go above and beyond in their day-to-day activities at school.  As these paws are collected, there will be rewards for individuals and grade-wide incentives.  We look forward to the positive outcomes of this inspirational program!

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