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WMS Student Council

Welcome to the Student Council page for 2015-2016!

WMS values our students.  All activities on our campus revolve around the needs and interests of those who walk our halls daily.  The purpose of the WMS Student Council is to give our students a voice in decision making on our campus.

WMS students will campaign for their positions on the council this year.  The student body will elect four representatives from each grade level to help bring ideas, enthusiasm, and student choices to our school. Students wishing to campaign are encouraged to complete an application, make a poster for their hall, and make a brief speech during their lunch time.  The vote will take place, Friday, Sept. 9th.

Student Council sponsors a fundraiser each year that raises money to help with middle school field trips and for other needs as voted on by the council members. As in the past, all middle school students are invited to participate in the fundraiser. This year's fundraiser is with a company called Big Kahuna and will run from 8/29 thru 9/12.  Students will be selling several different food items from a catalogue and other items online. All WMS students are encouraged to participate! If they sell 10 items or more, they will be riding in one of the Big Kahuna party busses to CiCi's pizza for lunch!!!  The party date is set up for 12/16 right now.

Fundraising products will be delivered to the school on 10/12


Check back later for more updated information on what Student Council will be doing this year! :)